Landscape Circles – 3 Excerpts

Landscape Circles is a performance piece/art installation created by Matt Sargent (composer) and Adrian Parsons (artist). I had the great pleasure of videotaping a one-night-only performance of Landscape Circles at the Strand on Volta Gallery in Washington, D.C. on July 15th 2006.

Matt describes the piece as follows: “The inspiration for Landscape Circles came from observing the phasing of runway lights during a three-hour layover at Bradley International Airport in Hartford, CT. Adrian’s video projections are comprised of tens of thousands of still images collected by a flatbed scanner duct-taped to Adrian’s 14th Street window in Washington D.C.”

Matt has agreed to write music for several episodes of Hopper Video’s upcoming web series “Next To Heaven.” I am delighted to be collaborating with Matt and can’t wait to hear what he comes up with!

Also, check out Adrian’s cool blog here, and his writing for the blog DCist here.

Landscape Circles (Excerpt 1)
Landscape Circles - Excerpt 1
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Excerpt 2

Landscape Circles - Excerpt 2
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Excerpt 3

Landscape Circles - Excerpt 3
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Performance Credits –

Matt Sargent – metal sheets, handheld synthesizer

Adrian Parsons – video projections

Chris Kallmyer – metal sheets, trumpet