FEAR: for daniel

FEAR: for daniel
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This movie was started at about 7 pm today, and now it’s done.

Today Daniel Liss of pouringdown.tv was required to make a movie in accordance with Assignment 5 of the Seven Map Project. The project is a collaborative vlogging project. Check out the details here. If you’re not checking out Daniel’s work over at pouringdown, you should, he’s very good.

My movie is based on Assignment 5 (except the train, I used my house instead).

Assignment 5 reads:

“WHERE: On a train, headed for Montreal

WHAT: Daniel, it’s time to bare your soul. Tell us what you’re afraid of. Show us what you’re afraid of. Let us feel your fear.

TECHNICAL LIMITATION: Unedited, raw footage (title and credits but that’s all). Cinema verité. Also, no “looking out the window” shots.”