Rob’s New T2i: First HD Shoot with a Light

Click here for Quicktime or watch full screen in HD 720p on the YouTube Player below. Press play and then the full screen button, and it should play in HD.

My new camera came!! My buddy Paris came over to see the new baby. He was using his 5D to shoot tree tops for his new movie, but as is his custom a performance just popped out of nowhere.

I’m loving the T2i/550d so far . . . welcome to Hopper in HD!!

BTW, I didn’t think I’d ever have a YouTube embed on this site. But, times change I guess. Vimeo has a limit on how many HD embed playbacks you can have. Blip TV’s flash version is not as good as Vimeo or YouTube. So, right now YouTube looks to be the best way to embed HD on a blog. Knock me over with a feather.