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Horse Head — A new web project about a gender-fluid-extra-dimensional alien’s visit to Earth. Horse Head provides a surreal look at human evolution, fame, and the nature of love. Weekly 60-second episodes happening now!

Next To Heaven —Back in September of 2006, I launched Next To Heaven with this staccato mission statement, “I download movies from I watch the movies. I write and record new audio. I re-cut the video to the new audio. Every Wednesday there will be a new movie.” And so it was for 52 straight weeks. In January 2011, I started releasing Season 2, another 52-week effort. During both seasons I learned a lot about storytelling, saw scores of amazing public domain films, and garnered a bit of love in the form of awards, film festival appearances, and favorable press.

Hopper Video launched in October of 2005, and was among the world’s first “videoblogs.” Unlike many videobloggers of the time, I rarely talked to a camera; most of the videos were mini-documentaries and visual oddities. Click above for the best of old Hopper Video, and new videos!