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Dumb Columbo: Nimoy

“A Stitch in Crime” – Dr. Barry Mayfield (Leonard Nimoy) is a highly successful and respected surgeon, but his methods leave a lot to be desired. A fellow nurse becomes suspicious about his procedures in sewing up internal organs after ‘successful’ operations. The good doctor kills her before she spills the beans, but Mayfield doesn’t count on detective Columbo (Peter Falk) investigative skills which quickly uncovers a trail of murderous events. Episode summary written by Scott Dawson

Buildings @ Montserrat House – All Our Noise Party – 4/12/12

Here’s a song from a DC band called Buildings. The music is complex, energetic, and fun. Two reviews of their latest album dub them a punk band with a science fiction feel. I agree, some excellent sound track material here (space alien chase scene anyone?)! As to the shoot, I got to the stage between songs and decided to try to capture a whole number in one shot without later needing to do any cut-aways.