Your Metal Brain

“Your Metal Brain” is a film I made for an event curated by uber-videoblogger, Mica Scalin, called FEAR REVERE.

Here is a description from the website –

“Fear Revere is a collection of 13 short films by an international group of artists and filmmakers. They were asked to reflect on the genre of horror and the general idea of making something for the purpose of frightening ones audience. Boo!

* * *

FEAR REVERE was originally presented on Tuesday October 30th, 2007 by Mica Scalin at the Pioneer theater for the Fourth Annual Month of Horror, Terror, and General Mayhem.”

You can see many of the other Fear Revere films here.

Your Metal Brain marries two of my favorite things — weird Japanese things (in this case, Shinya Tsukamoto’s “Tetsuo: The Iron Man“) and the coming technology Singularity. You couldn’t tell it from the film, but I’m looking forward to the Singularity. Nonetheless, I’m still a bit . . . fearful!

For Ray, with Love!

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