500 Year Itch

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The 500 Year Itch is the first 48 Hour Movie I was involved with back in 2001. The 48 Hour Movie Project challenges a group of filmmaking teams to write, shoot, and edit a short film in, you guessed it, 48 hours. To attempt to preempt pre-writing of the films, each team is given a genre at random, and each team must include the same specific prop, character, and line of dialogue. The 500 Year Itch’s genre was “Comedy” — we had to use a colander, the character was Ignacio Del Fuego – cab driver, and the line was “Now we’re really cooking.”

And by the way, yes, that is really Penn Jillette. A guy on our crew knew him. While we were writing and shooting the move, our crew guy drove to Atlantic City and shot Mr. Gillette. I think we wrote Penn’s lines before we wrote the script, but we figured we’d work it in – and we did!

Also, check out the movie’s star, Sandie Black, over on the youtube!

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