Miss Gringa

Miss Gringa
Last night I read the sexism/objectification of women discussion on the yahoo vloggers group (just search “golf” if you are unfamiliar with the discussion). I thought I would join the discussion by sharing a video I made in the late 1990s. It chronicles an experience a friend of mine had involving sexual harassment in Venezuela. I juxtaposed her experiences with imagery from one of America’s “great” celebrations of sexism, the Miss America Pageant.

I believe that human beings inherently love beauty. The problem with our culture today is that we have fetishised a particular version of female beauty and elevated it above all other versions of beauty. So the fact that a person seeking a large audience attempts to recruit a mouthpiece that satisfies the current cultural fetish is not surprising. The question for all of us, as makers of media, is whether we want to be part of an effort to expand society’s conception of beauty or do we simply want to “play it as it lays” and cater to the current state of our cultural development.

This video pre-dates my vlogging days and is therefore longish (about 5 min./30 mb). So click the picture to see it and then busy yourself elsewhere during the lengthy download.


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