LoFiStl Intro

For those of you that don’t know, Lo-Fi Saint Louis is a really terrific vlog out of, you guessed it, Saint Louis. LoFiStL features videos of live rock bands and short documentaries about artists. Last month Bill Streeter, the guru of LoFiStL, executed a great collaborative project designed to expose the LoFiStL audience to other vloggers. Bill played a rerun of one of his old shows each day of February and invited other vloggers to make a short introduction for each rerun. Attached is my intro (including the very cool video I introduce — a short documentary about an influential graphic artist named Art Chantry).

Like most of the creative games I’ve been involved with over the years, Bill’s game paid unexpected rewards. Not only did it expose Hopper Video to new viewers, the video I ended up making for Bill is something I’m proud of, and is something I would have never thought to make without the “limitation” of trying to make an intro somewhat relevant to the Art Chantry Movie. Finally, a big thanks to Maribeth Egan, my wonderful wife, who did the very impressive Photoshop work needed for the big “money shot” of the intro. Play – NOTE, this is a big file by Hopper Video standards.