Common Carp: Carp Caviar Promo 2

Common Carp: Carp Caviar Promo 2
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My second Bottom Union Carp Caviar promo for this year’s game is a remix of another entry by the good people over at Common People. I think the Common People promo is one of the best and most disturbing of the Carp Caviar promos this year. We are working with a film about meatpacking for Next To Heaven — so, as you will see, the meat/mouth re-mix was irresistible to the alchemists here at Hopper Video.

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Thanksgiving Story (Hopper Turned One Year Old!)

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I posted this movie last year about this time in celebration of Thanksgiving. Welcome to the first Hopper rerun!

I was going to do a special post for Hopper’s one year anniversary as a vlog (October 27) . . . but Ruby’s birthday is near Hopper’s birthday and I had to go to Dallas . . . yeah, yeah . . . who cares!

Anyway, a year in and I still love vlogging. I think I’m in for the long haul. Here’s to all my new vlogger friends out there — thanks for watching.


Check out the Thanksgiving post over at Next To Heaven.