Thanksgiving Story

Here’s a Thanksgiving Video Special from the Hopper Video Vault (12/05).

One interesting and sad coincidence, in the section of the video where things start to go badly for the Indians; I use football footage to parallel the narration regarding war. The football footage includes quarterback Michael Vick, who would later be sent to prison for dog fighting. The human bloodlust has not been satisfied yet. And on that happy note, have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Here’s a Thanksgiving Next To Heaven.

Sweet System


Here’s another from the attic. This movie is the my second post-linear editing effort (I bought a used Media 100). My great buddy Maurice Martin and I came up with the idea of a character that had trouble differentiating between technology and nature. We walked around my neighborhood and shot Maurice in character. By the way, I did not ask him to lick the tire, I said “look at it lovingly” — and the rest is history (we washed his mouth out with peroxide).

This picture doesn’t show much discipline or focus, but it does show my excitement to communicate in new ways and with the fancy new tools! Fun days (of more than 10 years ago). You also get a look at the original, epic, and silly Hopper Video logo.