Hand Carved Tusk

Hand Carved Tusk
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June 10 . . . June 10, 2006 . . . what happened on June 10? After House of Shields I stumbled around the town a bit. This movie shows one thing that happened during my stumble about.


If you want to know what happened on June 10 drop me an e-mail. I’ll tell you all about it!

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Next to Heaven: Preview

Next To Heaven Preview
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O.k., there have been questions and a few complaints. But, yeah, there is a secret project. Here’s a peek.

Here are a few ideas that didn’t make the cut —

Sound of one hand clapping
What we ate, what we didn’t eat (lost tape!!)
Network centric warfare
Time graffiti
Cherry Tree talk
Hard shave with color bars behind


Pat Buchanan: Voice of Reason — The Apocalypse Really Is Near

Sometimes I watch the Sunday political talk shows. Our family calls the shows the “Sunday Yellers.”

Lately I’ve been nodding my head in agreement with a lot of what Pat Buchanan has been saying on the McLaughlin Group. Just goes to show there is a growing gulf between neo-conservatives and other parts of the conservative movement. When I moved to D.C. in 1989, John McLaughlin and Buchanan struck me as kooky right-wing-nuts. Now, they are starting to sound like sage wise men compared to the incompetent ideologues that are running the country today.

So, here is Pat’s moment of clarity today on the McLaughlin Group. It’s pretty good.

Pat Buchanan:  Voice of Reason -- The Apocalypse Really Is Near
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Links – biofuel, iraq

FEAR: for daniel

FEAR: for daniel
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This movie was started at about 7 pm today, and now it’s done.

Today Daniel Liss of pouringdown.tv was required to make a movie in accordance with Assignment 5 of the Seven Map Project. The project is a collaborative vlogging project. Check out the details here. If you’re not checking out Daniel’s work over at pouringdown, you should, he’s very good.

My movie is based on Assignment 5 (except the train, I used my house instead).

Assignment 5 reads:

“WHERE: On a train, headed for Montreal

WHAT: Daniel, it’s time to bare your soul. Tell us what you’re afraid of. Show us what you’re afraid of. Let us feel your fear.

TECHNICAL LIMITATION: Unedited, raw footage (title and credits but that’s all). Cinema verité. Also, no “looking out the window” shots.”

Landscape Circles – 3 Excerpts

Landscape Circles is a performance piece/art installation created by Matt Sargent (composer) and Adrian Parsons (artist). I had the great pleasure of videotaping a one-night-only performance of Landscape Circles at the Strand on Volta Gallery in Washington, D.C. on July 15th 2006.

Matt describes the piece as follows: “The inspiration for Landscape Circles came from observing the phasing of runway lights during a three-hour layover at Bradley International Airport in Hartford, CT. Adrian’s video projections are comprised of tens of thousands of still images collected by a flatbed scanner duct-taped to Adrian’s 14th Street window in Washington D.C.”

Matt has agreed to write music for several episodes of Hopper Video’s upcoming web series “Next To Heaven.” I am delighted to be collaborating with Matt and can’t wait to hear what he comes up with!

Also, check out Adrian’s cool blog here, and his writing for the blog DCist here.

Landscape Circles (Excerpt 1)
Landscape Circles - Excerpt 1
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Excerpt 2

Landscape Circles - Excerpt 2
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Excerpt 3

Landscape Circles - Excerpt 3
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Performance Credits –

Matt Sargent – metal sheets, handheld synthesizer

Adrian Parsons – video projections

Chris Kallmyer – metal sheets, trumpet