Vampire Sun

Human skin serves as a metaphor for the surface of the earth. Just as the ultraviolet rays of a tanning booth sear the skin and sows the seeds of cancer, relentless development threatens to kill the earth.

The video also comments on the persistence of vision effect (i.e., a series of still images flashed on a screen simulate motion in the mind of the viewer). During most of the video it appears that multiple video clips share the screen, however the clips are alternating or flickering. Thus, the separate clips are melded in the mind of the viewer, not on the screen. This illusion is thematically connected to the illusions presented in the video —- first, the tanning booth illusion (ill-health and damage masquerading as vitality). And second, the illusion that bigger houses and more things bring fulfillment while they are in fact destroying what sustains us. Click here to see the movie.